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Hi... In Real Life I am a technical architect with a leading Europe-based IT consulting company. This is my wiki, dedicated to all aspects of Second Life and the "Metaverse", or 3D internet.

The wiki has no connection with my company, but hopefully contains information that will be of interest to both my company and the wider community.

In preparing and maintaining this wiki I am grateful for the unstinting support and assistance of a number of people. You know who are... and I thank you for your efforts.

Let me take this opportunity to apologise in advance for any errors or breaches of copyright. These are not intentional, and I will rectify them if they are highlighted to me.

Despite many unrealistic expectations placed on Second Life, I have become a firm believer in, and advocate for, the project and look forward to meeting you in-world. Simply send an IM to "Aleister Kronos".

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